Public Training Courses for GMP-Auditors

We have developed a training programme dedicated to GMP-auditors via the ECA Academy. The ECA Academy offers training courses and conferences for GMP-auditors on a regular basis.

Please find a list of the current GMP Auditing Events GMP Training Courses.

GMP-Auditor Certification Programme

With Continuous professional training for auditors and lead auditors is of utmost importance as the authorities expect qualified personal performing audits. Recognising this need for further professional knowledge development, the ECA Academy has set up the programme for initial and continuous qualification.

Please find more information about the GMP Auditor Certification Programme here.

Do you want to train a group of colleagues inhouse on GMP Auditing and Self-inspection?

A training course "on site" allows to customize the training content to the needs of the company. Interactive sessions and workshops can be used to deepen the knowledge and to demonstrate implementation into practice.

Please find an example agenda for an inhouse training course here.

But of course we are happy to develop a customised training course for your organisation !

Upcoming Event: The GMP-Auditor Forum 2024

A new ECA Forum to foster Discussions and mutual Exchange in small Working Groups


      • Presentations:
        • ECA’s GMP-Auditor Guide
        • Current Developments
        • Auditor Training
        • Inspector preferences
      • Round Table Discussions:
        • Information Gathering
        • Special Challenges
        • Checklists
        • Interpreters
        • Supplier Qualification
        • Difficult Auditees