This year's event on 25/26 June 2024 in Barcelona (Spain) already took place.

The next Forum will be held in June 2026. The agenda will be announced in January 2026. The GMP Auditor Forum will be held every 2 years.

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The 2024 GMP Auditor Forum

The GMP Auditor Forum 2024, held on 25-26 June in the city of Barcelona, was a cornerstone event for professionals dedicated to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) auditing. This year's Forum brought together a diverse group of more than 60 GMP auditors, and industry experts to discuss emerging trends, share best practices and foster a collaborative environment to advance GMP standards.

The Key Highlights

1.         Launch of the ECA GMP Auditor Handbook

One of the most anticipated moments of the Forum was the launch of the ECA's newly developed GMP Auditor Handbook. This comprehensive guide has been developed with valuable input from inspectors and experienced industry professionals. It contains practical examples from real projects and addresses the current challenges faced by GMP auditors. The Handbook is an essential resource for both novice and experienced auditors, providing insight into efficient auditing practices.

2.         Interactive and facilitated sessions, effective questioning techniques

The Forum excelled in facilitating interactive sessions where participants could actively engage with their peers. These sessions were designed to encourage open discussion, allowing auditors to share their experiences and perspectives on a variety of audit methodologies. Topics ranged from traditional on-site inspections to the increasingly common hybrid and remote auditing approaches. These dialogues provided a platform for participants to discuss the nuances of each method, learn from each other's experiences, and develop more effective audit strategies.

3.         The Forum included a series of expert-led presentations covering critical aspects of GMP auditing.

Presenters shared their expertise on technical topics essential for auditors, such as the latest regulatory updates as well as advances in audit technology. These sessions were particularly valuable for auditors looking to enhance their practical skills and keep abreast of industry developments. Networking opportunities

The GMP Auditor Forum also provided ample opportunities for networking, allowing attendees to build professional relationships and share knowledge. Informal networking sessions, coffee breaks and a social event allowed attendees to connect with peers from around the world, discuss common challenges and share solutions. These interactions are critical to fostering a global community of GMP auditors committed to maintaining high standards of manufacturing practice.


The 2024 GMP Auditor Forum in Barcelona was a resounding success, providing attendees with a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities. Please find some pictures taken at the 1st GMP Auditor Forum here.

The GMP Auditor Forum takes place every 2 years. Therefore, the next Forum will be held in June 2026 and the agenda will be published in January 2026.




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